Courses We Offer

We provide a vast range of courses for youngsters who have the passion of exploring and learning something new every day. Every course will help your child in finding what they love to learn, and build that skill.
We have well-planned courses from Beginner Level to the Advanced Level.

But, Why Us?

At Skill Clan, we take special care that your child receives the right education despite the ridiculously low prices. We ensure that the child develops enough skills to keep up with the digital world of the future,  and excel in it.


Kids will find our planned course fun to learn. We will provide mentorship and 1-on-1 attention to every student.

Perks and Certificates

Free Goodies, Swags, and Certificates will be given to the students on course completion to encourage them for Learning.

Assignments and Tests

Regular assignments and homework questions will be provided for in-depth learning. Personal counseling will be provided and overall performance will be monitored.

Genuine Learning

We are strictly against Block-based coding and want that our kids must learn real coding, unlike the other platforms, we will teach only on Real IDE's and Google Virtual labs.

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